Gulfstream G550 Seats

G550 Seats (Club)

Aircraft interior restoration is one of the treats we enjoy supporting our clients on... often using the finest quality materials and design features, these are projects that really stand out! We work with many MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) clients, as well as A&P Mechanics and Aircraft Owners to develop custom designs that make each aircraft unique. 

This Gulfstream 550 is based on an elegant style that Bob Wichterman developed in coordination with a long standing colleague representing an MRO interior completion/restoration/maintenance provider and the aircraft owner. The double diamond center panels really make this design stand out, and the elegant lines throughout give this a modern, clean appearance. We thought it might be interesting to take a look behind the scenes at some of the steps we took along the way to complete this project.

The project begins...

Next step is to refresh the cushion foam. This is a tightly controlled process for dynamically certified seats, so foam is built to the exacting specifications of the OEM drawings.

Now to pattern the leather on the cushion...

G550 Cushion Patterning

Next... patterning the new backrest design!

G550 Backrest Patterning

A few more steps (to put it mildly) to get armrests, footrests, and other coverings designed, fabricated, installed, and adjusted, and then off to the MRO for installation on the Aircraft & !!!

G550 Final VIP
G550 Club Seat Final