In the heart of Wichterman’s, a unique art of reupholstering unfolds. Furniture here isn’t just restored; it’s given new life, enriched with stories and memories. Imagine an old armchair, its fabric worn but its frame strong – a guardian of past moments. Reupholstering goes beyond refurbishment; it’s about preserving memories and heritage.

At Wichterman’s, each piece’s transformation is approached with care. The frame’s strength is crucial, like a house’s foundation, ensuring furniture longevity. The sentimental or historical value often outweighs its current state, making reupholstery a cost-effective choice.


Chair photo: Before

Unique or antique traits add value, protecting and celebrating uniqueness. For those passing down treasures, reupholstering preserves family history. In today’s eco-conscious world, refurbishing furniture aligns with sustainability. Consulting professional upholsterers is essential. Antique or vintage furniture has intrinsic value, and reupholstering enhances its worth.

The reupholstering process at Wichterman’s is meticulous. It starts with assessing the frame’s condition. Fabric selection respects the piece’s character while ensuring durability. Stripping old upholstery reveals hidden stories. Frame repairs reinforce the structure, sometimes restoring wooden elements. Padding and springs are upgraded as needed.

Chair in the process of reupholstery

Skilled artisans perform precision upholstery work. New fabric is applied with care, preserving the original design. Added cushioning enhances comfort while maintaining authenticity. Final touches, like trimming and detailing, are executed meticulously. The final inspection ensures the highest craftsmanship and durability standards.

At Wichterman’s, the dance between past and present is cherished. Heirloom furniture stands as a symbol of enduring beauty and craftsmanship. Reupholstering infuses these pieces with new vitality, blending history with contemporary sensibilities. Heirloom furniture invites clients to embrace elegance, one dance at a time, in our ever-evolving world of design and functionality.


Photo of Chairs completed restoration with ottoman